Darel's Limericks

The stylized text and comments that went with these limericks have been lost, so for now I'll just post them in raw text format:

A handsome young actor from Brussells
Excelled in karate and muscles
His films had sweet dames
And romantic flames
But mostly spectacular tussles

At the border approaching Seattle
The people are lined up like cattle
Despite the Peace Arch
Toward Seattle they march
In what seems like a ne'er-ending battle

At Fitzgerald's the action is hot
When my chips hit the round betting dot
A Jack and an Ace
Put a smile on my face
Luck's rainbow just shone on my pot!

I once was an unlucky bettor
Not much of a gaming go-getter
Then I turned right around
At Fitzgerald's I found
I became quite the gaming jet-setter!

At Fitzgerald's the dice can be seen
To be hued with a deep shade of green
So they never will clash
With the color of cash
As a winner, I find that quite keen!

On Earth it was man-hunting season
The thrill was the alien's reason
He toyed with the prey
That he chanced on that day
'Till the prey made him pay for his teasin'!

Two hunters called Ressler and Douglas
Sought to mugshot a quarry most mugless
For gene was his name
And code was his game
“Free Will” was his shield from the bugless
One Mueller has plans to confound
Who would put Rockwell folk in the ground
But it’s still not illegal
To spot-scope the Eagle
Change the law, or just wait for the round

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