Darel Rex Finley

The modern Intelligent Design (ID) movement, led by authors Phillip Johnson, Michael Behe, and William Dembski, claims to be distinct and separate from a religion like Christianity. But just how distinct and separate would these authors be willing to admit ID really is? Mechanism shows that ID is not even loosely compatible with any moralistic religion — instead ID takes us in a bold new direction that most of its promoters would very much like to avoid.

Mechanism advances these conclusions:

Beauty and truth, contrary to popular sentiment, are not fundamentally connected; in fact they are almost opposites.
Johnson, Behe, and Dembski are passively reinforcing the dichotomy of Christianity vs. materialistic evolution, when the evidence supports neither.
"Theodicy" and other defenses against dysteleology become useless and unnecessary when ID is severed from religion. Theodicy is not needed to defend ID, only to protect its purported compatibility with Christianity.
The purpose of this life is to have a fun adventure, and our creators put us here expressly for that reason. Dembski avoids that conclusion by stopping his inference-to-the-best-explanation just after it neutralizes Darwinism.
Fear of murder lies at the root of the Darwin/religion dichotomy, along with the fear of what our government must do to protect us from future threats.
The key characteristic of intelligences is their ability to recognize specifications — not their "free will" to choose.
The Dawkins/Dennett assertion that scientific explanations must be reductive is correct but missapplied in defense of evolution, and is inadequately addressed by Dembski and Behe.
The fields of cosmology and quantum physics are as compromised by anti-scientific proscriptions as is the field of biology with Darwinism.
Johnson failed to successfully tackle the issue of self-reference is his criticisms of John Searle and Stephen Hawking. The true nature of self-reference renders the puzzle of free will essentially moot.
The capitalist-socialist struggle is in permanent stalement, and DNA cleanup is the only way out.
We may be headed to a female-controlled society in the near future.
The concept of morality is bankrupt in today's high-tech climate. Only laws, backed by technological solutions, can maintain order and safety.
Humanity is in no significant danger of extinction by any currently known means.

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