I took this picture in the Sea/Tac airport a few years ago (1999? 2000?) while enjoying a grande mocha FrappuccinoTM.  It's actually a picture of a person, that happened to include the Starbucks kiosk sign, but in this scan I have cropped it to just the logo.

Notice that although at first glance it looks just like the current Starbucks logo you see everywhere, it's actually different — the whole mermaid is visible.  (Also, her tail fins have three points instead of the modern two.)  In the modern logo, she's cropped to show less of her.  I heard a rumor that they did that to appease people who thought this logo offensive, since it sort-of looks like she's spreading her legs.  Irrespective of that, I think the modern logo looks better than this one.

Starbucks Logo

Update:  Simon Quinn sent me this picture of an even more risque Starbucks logo, purportedly in front of the original Starbucks in Seattle!  Check it out.

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