Friends' Homepages and Other Cool Links

Jim Skipper  Jim Skipper's personal page.

The Darker Image  Jim Skipper's dark photography of goth, eros, and wildness.

Daring Fireball  Mac Nerdery, etc.

Macalope  Mysterious, delightfully sarcastic beast.

Joel On Software  Joel Spolsky's insightful comments on software development.

Fan Films Forum, the premiere bulletin board for sci-fi hobbyist filmmakers.

TheForce.Net: news about upcoming Star Wars films, and a collection of amateur shorts.

Diamond Cutters International — Don't even think about buying a diamond without going here first!

Kevin Kurgis:  The coolest injury attorney around!

Red Meat:  Hope your sense of humor is flexible.

Despair, Inc.  Demotivational posters for your workplace.

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